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Top Reasons for Automobile Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Safety Advice from an East Bay Auto Collision Center

Oakland Auto Collision CenterMotor vehicle accidents in 2014 claimed the lives of 42,836 Americans, but we can collectively lower that number. Here are three leading causes of automobile accidents and a few ways to avoid getting in a crash, preventing the need for you to take your vehicle to an auto collision center.

Drunk driving. This well-known cause of automobile-related death has (quite fortunately) been on the decline since the 1980s. However, drunk driving sends thousands of cars to auto body repair shops every year with damage. Never get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking, and stay off the roads late at night to avoid running into a drunk driver.
Speeding. Losing control of your car or misjudging another vehicle’s speed can happen when you’re driving too fast, especially in dangerous driving conditions (e.g. snow, fog, foreign roads). Never drive recklessly, and maintain the speed limit. Also, avoid driving while angry or out of control emotionally, and you will minimize the chance of sending your car to a collision repair service for auto body repair.
Distracted driving. Millions of drivers eat, talk on the phone, operate their iPods, and text while driving. Using a handheld device can increase a driver’s chances of a wreck by 4 times, and people who text while driving are 23 times more likely to die in a wreck. When you’re driving, put the phone down.

Berkeley Auto Body Repair Shop is Here for You

Do you need help fixing a vehicle damaged in a recent Bay Area collision? Our collision repair service team can help you rebuild your car or truck and assist with the logistics of your accident recovery. Call Shattuck Auto at 510-848-6281.


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