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Top Reasons for Automobile Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Safety Advice from an East Bay Auto Collision Center

Oakland Auto Collision CenterMotor vehicle accidents in 2014 claimed the lives of 42,836 Americans, but we can collectively lower that number. Here are three leading causes of automobile accidents and a few ways to avoid getting in a crash, preventing the need for you to take your vehicle to an auto collision center.

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5 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Prevent An Auto Collision By Driving Safely

Prevent Auto CollisionsSadly, Bay Area auto collision and auto body shops witness brisk business in the spring months, thanks in part to the wet and windy weather that blows in from the Pacific. We may be in the midst of a drought, but how can you drive more safely when wet weather does hit? Here are 5 tips: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Prepare For Your Northern California Road Trip: Your Critical 7 Step Maintenance Checklist

Summer is upon us. Whether you and your family are planning to dart up to Yosemite for a weekend gazing up at a massive waterfall, or you’re planning to shoot down to Los Angeles to spend a weekend with your hippy dippy brother on Venice Beach, you want your car to be prepared. The following 6 step auto maintenance checklist can help you minimize potential trouble, so you can maximize the potential fun of your trip.
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