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Toyota Hints at a New and Very Different Plug-In Prius

New Features in the 2016 Toyota Prius Prime


By Luca Mascaro, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org

Toyota recently introduced its 2016 Prius model, featuring an upgraded lithium battery and improved mpg. The Toyota team also welcomed a new hybrid to the family, The Prius Prime, a plug-in model that utilizes the best of its siblings’ technologies with the ability to recharge the battery.

Electric-Only Mode

At 22 miles, the Prius Prime has the longest electric-only driving range in the industry. This allows over 51% of Americans to drive to and from work on electric power alone. When charging stations are available at work, this number increases to 80%.

In the past, drivers complained that they couldn’t drive fast in the electric only mode. The Prime’s new engine structure allows it to reach speeds above 80 mph running only on electricity. Overall, the Prime’s electric-only operating mode is the best of any hybrid car on the market.

Other Features

The Prius Prime includes many other attractive features:

  • Plug-in uses a standard home outlet, so no additional equipment is needed
  • Faster charge time than any other hybrid car
  • A 120 MPGE (combined electric and gas)
  • Quad LED headlights
  • Large touch screen that manages many of the car’s functions
  • Color heads-up display
  • Active Safety System
  • Heated front seats
  • Seating for four adults
  • Fold-down back seats for more cargo room

The Prius Prime also comes with a series of apps that lets you monitor battery charge levels and other functions from your phone.

Toyota will offer the Prius Prime for sale later this year in all 50 states. This expanded market demonstrates Toyota’s confidence in their newest addition and the growth of the hybrid car market.

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