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Auto Body Shop Talk: Top 4 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for 2015

Top Rated Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Becoming More Common in Auto Body Shops

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Eco-friendly and cost-effective, hybrid and electric vehicles become more popular every year. Here are some of top rated models available in 2015.

1. Volkswagen e-Golf
A luxury vehicle, the Volkswagen e-Golf’s EPA electric range is an impressive 83 miles. This vehicle seats five people and offers ample cargo space. Whether you are driving to work or your local auto body shop, you will be proud of this car.

2. Ford Fusion Hybrid
With its powerful acceleration capabilities and impressive fuel economy, the Ford Fusion Hybrid claims the second spot on the list. The interior of this vehicle is equipped with top-of-the-line technology and materials, and the car’s backseat is spacious enough to keep even larger adult passengers comfortable.

3. Toyota Prius C
The Toyota Prius C boasts a fuel economy of 50 mpg. Although the Prius’ ride isn’t as smooth as some of the other vehicles on this list, you can’t beat the price. Research has shown that Prius auto body repair costs slightly more than repairs on similar vehicles, but the advantages of this car (such as the fuel savings) typically more than justify the extra potential expenses. Plus you know you are doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord Hybrid is another excellent midsize option with a comfortable ride, good handling and impressive fuel economy. This vehicle comes equipped with a rear-view camera, Bluetooth and much more.

Accidents happen in all types of vehicles. Regardless of the hybrid or electric vehicle you choose, be sure you have a good collision repair service in mind so that you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible after an accident.

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