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Can Your Insurance Company Tell You What Auto Body Shop To Use?

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Berkeley Auto Body Shop Talks Collision Repair

If you have been in a car accident, you may need an auto body shop, but which one should you choose? Don’t feel pressured by insurance companies to choose the company they want you to; consider asking around for a reputable and locally-recognized collision repair service. You have a right to choose who will complete auto body repair after an accident.

Here’s some other things you should know:

Insurance companies can recommend. You need to know that an insurance company can recommend that you take your car to specific or various auto body shops, but they cannot tell you which auto body shop to use for repairs following your accident. Also, they can’t refuse to pay for your repairs if you take your vehicle to a shop that they did not endorse.

Consider their suggestions. It does pay to hear-out the recommendations of the insurance company, even if you have an auto body shop in mind. It is likely that whoever the insurance company suggests is reputable and that they have experience in dealing with insurance companies, which may hasten the process.

Think about your time. If you are unfamiliar with who to use for your auto body repairs, you will need to spend time doing some research. If you prefer not to do this, consider the recommendations of the insurance company to save time.

Look for experience. Make sure that whoever you elect to fix your car is accustomed to working with insurance adjusters and carriers. If the auto body shop lacks experience, you could risk delays and an extended time without your vehicle.

Hear what customers have to say. Don’t underestimate the value of online feedback and reviews; see what customers have to say about the auto body shops in your area before taking your vehicle to them. Keep an eye out for comments and ratings related to customer service, rates, and courtesy.

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You have the right to choose but listen to what your insurance company suggests before making your decision about collision repair service. Did you know that many Bay Area insurance companies refer customers to Shattuck Auto for repair? Consider the experience and customer satisfaction provided by Shattuck Auto Collision Center when determining where to take your vehicle after an accident. Contact us online today for a quote.

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