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Exciting 2014 Automotive Trends

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The auto body and auto paint industries are trend-driven. According to an Edmunds.com forecast, U.S. buyers in 2014 will get to choose from over 16.4 billion new vehicles. Plus, this year, 300,000 people will return their leases.

The industry is clearly in a different growth stage; as a result, automakers are offering an increasingly diverse array of interesting choices. Some key vehicles will boost specific market sectors. For instance, the Chevrolet Colorado – a midsize truck – is poised to jazz up that segment. Scalable, affordable fuel cell vehicles will also enter the mainstream conversation.

The Ford F150’s success – combined with better (i.e. not exorbitant) gas prices and a better housing market – should help to push up truck sales back to levels last seen in 2007. This boom in large truck sales suggests that that lagging industry sector may finally be picking up.

For a variety of complex reasons, leasing is becoming an increasingly preferred financing option. Auto industry watchers expect more overall sales as well as a diversifying catalogue and good, fair pricing – exciting prospects for buyers and dealers alike. Whether these trends suggest that the industry has fully recovered from the sluggishness of the past 5 years remains to be seen, but even generally cynical/cautious industry analysts have expressed optimism that automotive fundamentals are strong again.

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